Dialogues only way forward to resolve Kashmir dispute: Masood

 Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President,  Sardar Masood Khan has asserted that India has been manipulating terrorism in Balochistan province to avert stiff resistance and pressure it is facing in occupied Kashmir. 

Addressing faculty members and students of Balochistan University here on Wednesday, he said that the people of both Balochistan and Kashmir were the victims of Indian terrorism, and India's terrorism in Balochistan was designed to prevent Pakistan from raising its voice for the Kashmiri people on the international level. 

He said that India through neither repressive means nor lucrative economic offers could deter the valiant Kashmiri people from their just cause for the attainment of their right to self-determination. 

"India must note that Balochistan is a constitutional and lawful part of Pakistan, while Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory whose future is yet to be decided," he said adding that India's interference and terrorism in Balochistan violate international laws and principles. 

He said that popular uprising in Kashmir has a history as old as 200 years, and it is not wise to declare it terrorism and to blame Pakistan for patronizing it. The ongoing movement for liberation from Indian clutches since 1947 has actually been the continuation of the liberation movement against Dogra rule, he added. 

The AJK president said that Islamabad-Delhi and Muzaffarabad-Srinagar talks were the only way to find a durable solution to 70 years old Kashmir issue and to ensure peace, security and stability of South Asia. 

"The game of death and destruction in occupied Kashmir must end now because the use of force by India could not defeat the will of Kashmiri people," he added. 

Touching upon the situation of Balochistan province, Sardar Masood Khan said that the time had come for the end of deprivations of the people of this province, and now Balochistan was set to enter a new era of progress and prosperity. The establishment of Balochistan University and the expanding network of educational institutions are the self-explanatory proofs in this regard, he maintained.

 Later, during a question-answer session, the AJK president said that misunderstandings between federation and its different units have never been a new development in the world. However, in Pakistan, the working relationship between the centre and the provinces are improving a lot. 

About the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), he said that the OIC had always supported the right of self-determination of Kashmiri people. Besides, the United Nations, international human rights bodies and parliaments of different countries are demanding an end to gross human rights violations and repeal of black laws imposed in occupied Kashmir.

 Earlier during a meeting with the AJK president, Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal on behalf of the people of his province expressed complete solidarity with the Kashmiri people.


He said that an economically strong Pakistan can play an effective and active role in the resolution of Kashmir issue. Both the sides agreed that besides modernizing taxation system, awareness among the people about payment of taxes as national obligation was vital to improve the national economy and to end dependence on foreign assistance and loans.

 On this occasion, Balochistan chief minister highlighting programs the provincial government had launched for the uplift of the province in different sectors said that the provincial budget for the financial year, 2019-2020 was aimed at improving governance and the capacity building of various agencies side by side with projects for the promotion of economy activity. 

He said that public-private partnership will create new job opportunities and produce skilled manpower. The provincial government will utilize the experience of the Azad Kashmir government for the promotion of tourism and small industries.

 The AJK president also held a meeting with Governor Amanullah Khan Yasinzai at governor's house in Quetta, and discussed various issues including Kashmir.

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