Disastrous war cannot be ruled out after Indian action: President AJK

The Azad Jammu Kashmir President, Sardar Masood Khan has that the abrogation of article 370 by India is the defeat of Sheikh Abdullah and Mufti Saeed families in occupied Kashmir because under the umbrella of this article, they had been protecting India's interest in the held territory for the last 70 years.
"After the repeal of article 370, the pro-India Kashmiri parties (National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party) have no option but to join the liberation movement against India," he said while talking to media at Kashmir House here on Wednesday,.
Cautioning that striping of special status of Kashmir by India may spark off a horrible war in the region, which may engulf the whole world, Masood urged the UN Security Council to immediately convene its session, and take notice of the Indian aggression and ensure peace and security in the region before the flames of war spark off.
He thanked the Pakistani nation, parliament, and the political parties for unanimously extending forthright support to their Kashmiri brethren. "The unflinching support by Pakistani nation will boost the morale of Kashmiri people engaged in liberation struggle and will infuse a new spirit among them," he added.
Khan said that majority of the Kashmiri people had been, and is still opposed to India. The steps being taken by the bewildered Indian government will not help in resolving the Kashmir issue, he said adding that on the contrary, it will further complicate the situation.
The AJK president described revocation of article 35-A as a well planned heinous conspiracy designed to deprive the Kashmiri people of several rights, and to turn their majority into a minority in the state. This step by India had sent a wave of great anguish and resentment to the Kashmiris living across the globe.
Sardar Masood Khan said that he had been meeting the Pakistani parliamentarians for the last two days, and is apprising them of the fast deteriorating situation of occupied Kashmir. The Kashmir conflict is the issue of the future of 15 million Kashmiri people, and the issue is still on the UN agenda as an internationally-recognized dispute, he said and added that India cannot unilaterally eliminate it through a presidential decree nor can it suppress the Kashmiris' struggle for the realization of their right to self-determination.
The state president said that there were three parties to the Kashmir dispute - Pakistan, India and the Kashmiri people, while the United Nations is the fourth party. India is not competent to take any unilateral step on Kashmir without approval of the remaining three parties, he concluded.
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