Masood Khan condemns airstrike on Turkish news agency in Gaza

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has strongly condemned the dastardly airstrike by Israeli occupation forces on the Gaza office of the Turkish based Anadolu Agency.

The President in a statement issued here said that this act of terror has displayed the nefarious agenda of the Israeli occupation forces as they continue their human rights violations against innocent civilians, civil agencies and the media working in the occupied territory of Palestine.

President Khan said that the Turkish people and its Government has always stood with the people of Kashmir and have actively advocated the Kashmiris' just a rightful cause for their right to self-determination. He said that both Pakistan and Turkey has firmly stood against human rights violations at the hand of occupation forces in Kashmir and Palestine, for which we are indebted.

He said that we condemn all such acts of terror and deplore the apathy of the international community as both the occupation forces in Kashmir and Palestine continue to plow through international laws and conventions and commit gross human rights - with absolute impunity.

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