Masood Khan expresses apprehension of Gujrat like massacre in Kashmir

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, expressed his apprehensions that the same 2002 massacre that took place under the supervision of the then Chief Minister of Gujrat Narendra Modi might be repeated in Kashmir as extremist organizations are given a free hand amid all the post-Pulwama hype.

The President made these remarks during a call on by Abdul Rashid Turabi, Member AJK Legislative Assembly, who called on the President here at Jammu and Kashmir House, where the two leaders talked about the recent situation along the Line of Control and the overall human rights situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

President AJK while paying tribute to Pakistan’s Armed Forces said that our Air Force has given India a befitting reply and India should not make any similar moves towards escalating tensions between the two nuclear states.

Abdul Rashid Turabi said that the people of Azad Kashmir and the whole nation stand united with the Armed Forces. He proposed that All-Party Conference of AJK political parties may be convened to assess the current situation and display our unity to the nation in the face of Indian unprovoked aggression.

While conversing with the President, Abdul Rashid Turabi also asserted that there is no military solution to the Kashmir issue and India must engage in diplomatic means for the resolution of the dispute. All means, he said, must be utilized to expose India, its human rights violations in the IOK and advocate the peaceful right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people.

The President said that the AJK is not only the defensive bastion of Pakistan but its valiant people are also serving the Pakistan Armed forces in all capacities and are actively protecting the frontiers of this sovereign state. He said its people stand abreast with the Pakistan Armed Forces in defending our sacred homeland.

He said that both India and Pakistan possess nuclear weapons and any miscalculation would lead to havoc and devastation in the region and the world. He said that starting a war is easy but the unintended consequences are beyond anyone’s comprehension and can easily spin out of control.

The President deplored the anti-Pakistan and anti-Kashmir rhetoric and frenzy whipped up all over India and the IOK. He said that such tactics have been adopted by India to hide the victimization and targeted actions it has adopted against the Kashmiri people after the Pulwama incident.

President Azad Kashmir said that no level of intimidation or coercion would be able to make the Kashmiris lose sight of their struggle for freedom and ascertaining their right to self-determination.

Both leaders also welcomed the recent debate on Kashmir at the UK Parliament. They thanked the honourable Members of Parliament for raising this very critical issue at such an esteemed and august parliament.

The President welcomed the proposal of Abdul Rashid Turabi for convening an All-Party Conference and continuing diplomatic efforts towards resolving the Kashmir issue.

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