Masood urges doctors to take advantage of emerging medical technologies

Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Kashmir (AJK) has urged doctors and surgeons to take benefit of the emerging technologies for diagnosis and surgery purpose to help save human lives and treat patients seamlessly.
This he stated after a presentation given to him by Dr. Khawaja Shahid Sajjad Dar, Consultant Spine and Brain Surgeon (F.C.P.S, Neurosurgery) at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Muzaffarabad on Thursday.
Commanding Officer of CMH, Brigadier Dr. Hassan Iqbal, Deputy Commanding Officer Dr. Col Zulfiqar and Deputy Medical Superintendent, Dr Noman Manzoor Butt and other officials were also present on the occasion.
The President said that the minimally invasive surgical procedure in recent past has transformed the surgical field and our medical facilitators should take advantage of this new development.
Earlier Dr. Khawaja Shahid Sajjad Dar told that CMH Muzaffarabad was providing modern neurosurgery facilities to the patients of brain and spine tumours, vascular malfunction (Aneurysms) Cerebrospinal Fluid C.S.F (Rhinorrhea), traumatic brain and spine injuries, sciatica (slip discs) both through the conventional and minimally invasive procedure.
The surgeon told that he had operated more than 100 patients since August 2017 with a 90 per cent success rate. Some patients with high-grade malignant tumours were advised radiotherapy and chemotherapy and were referred to advanced cancer centres.
“It was for the first in the history of AJK that endoscopic surgeries were performed with least invasive techniques,” Dr Shahid Sajjad said. He added that endoscopic surgery does not require an incision (cut) and is considered to be the safest surgery because it is performed through a small hole made in skull bone or through nasal civilities and surgeon watches the whole procedure on the monitor while performing it.
He went on to say that endoscopic procedure is almost bloodless compared to open surgeries and it is less perilous too. President Sardar Masood Khan congratulated the Commanding Officer and Dr Shahid for their remarkable achievements in neurosurgery and directed the commanding officer to publish these achievements with a brief description for the awareness and interest of the general masses.
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