Masood urges religious scholars to promote unity among Muslims

MUZAFFARABAD: Describing Islam as a complete way of life which provides comprehensive guidelines to follow in social, economic, political, moral, and spiritual spheres of life, Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan urged Ulema and religious scholars to play their role for promoting unity among the Muslims and establishment of an Islamic welfare societybased upon the tenets of Islam and the teachings of the prophet.
He was speaking as the chief guest at 100th meeting of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council of Islamic Ideology (AJK CII).The meeting chaired by Chairman of the council and Chief Justice, Justice Chaudhry Muhammad Ibrahim Zia and held at Supreme Court building reviewed various existing laws to bring them into conformity with the injunctions of Islam.
Terming Council of Islamic Ideology- represented by Ulema from different schools of thoughts- as binding force, the president called upon the members of the council to promote unity among the people of AJK and encourage them to order their lives in lines with the principles and concepts of Islam.
Sardar Masood Khan said Pakistan was created by the Muslims of the subcontinent under the ideology of Pakistan with the stated aim to have their own separate homeland in which Islam can be practised as the dominant religion.
He emphasized that same ideology or two-nation theory is as important today as it was in 1947 in the context of Jammu and Kashmir dispute. He added that an overwhelming majority of the people of Kashmir want to join Pakistan mainly because of cultural and religious affinity with the people of Pakistan.
He said there is a need to foil attempts of creating confusion in the minds of youth about the ideology of Pakistan and its relevance to the freedom movement of Kashmir. “Only a strong ideological base can lead the Kashmir liberation movement to its ultimate goal,” he observed.
He further stated that CII should also make recommendations for better governance in AJK in the light of Islamic teachings and code conduct for media to act as a responsible institution in a Muslim society. He added that absence of an Islamic system of education is another serious challenge for which all of us particularly the CII will have to play an active role.
Touching upon the situation of occupied Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan said that several Hindu fanatic groups like RSS and Bajrang Dal in India are engaged to convert Muslims to Hinduism under the slogans of “Ghar Wapsi” and persecuting the Muslims under the garb of ‘Gau Rakhsha’.
Similarly, Kashmiri Muslims are being massacred because they are not willing to quit their religion and ideology. "
Addressing the session, Chief Justice Chaudhry Ibrahim Zia, who is also, the CII chief said that the incumbent government, under the 13th amendment, had provided constitutional cover to the CII, and now it is the responsibility of the government and the state legislature to take practical steps to enforce Islam in letter and spirit in individual and collective lives. He said that it is only the religion Islam which stresses the welfare of humanity. "I believe that with slight efforts, the relatively small state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir can be turned into a model region," he concluded.
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