No decisions on Kashmir dispute without consent of Kashmiris: Masood Khan

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that no third party mediation should be accepted which proposes to exclude the people of Kashmir or the United Nations.
He made these comments while addressing a Kashmir Conference at Darbar-e-Aaliyah, Basahan Sharif. The event was held on the occasion of the Urs of Pir Walayat Ali Shah Bukhari and hosted by Pir Ali Raza Bukhari, Member AJK Legislative Assembly.
The AJK President on the occasion thanked Pir Ali Raza Bukhari for organising this conference and for highlighting the plight of the Kashmiris living in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, who are under severe lockdown and communication blackout.
The President said India has unilaterally made an irrational decision to change the status of the disputed territory and deprived the Kashmiris of their special status. The revocation of Articles 35-A and 370 has led to severe backlash from the Kashmiri people who have rejected this unconstitutional step, he said.
Third party mediation on Kashmir, said the President, has become a farce due to India's vile attitude and rejection of any kind of talks on Kashmir. India, he said, is using talks as a smoke screen to maintain the status quo in IOK and insist that the Kashmir issue is a bilateral matter between Pakistan and India. He said that UN as the third-party to the dispute must step forward and persuade India to come to dialogue table.
The AJK President asserted that will be no talks on Kashmir without the consent of the Kashmiris. In all sanity, it is not possible to exclude the Kashmiris from talks as they are the key party to the dispute, he said.
The BJP government, he said, has threatened the lives of the Kashmiris by restricting their movement and has placed them under a total curfew. He added that the Indian government has created a food scarcity in the territory and people have been left to face a famine like situation.
He said that there are prolonged curfews, eerie silence in the streets punctuated by intermittent or constant fire, womenfolk are beaten and humiliated, houses being raided, and ten thousand Kashmiris from all walks of life have been arrested. All that can be seen in the streets is soldiers laced with modern weapons. With depleting medical supplies hospitals in Srinagar have become graveyards, he said.
Lamenting the reaction of the United Nations Security Council, he said that the Council must continue to hold sessions on Kashmir and not settle for one informal session. “Kashmir is under siege and there is a genocide taking place in IOK. The UN must take cognisance of India’s actions”, he said.
The President while addressing the audience said that Kashmiris are living in hell and over the next few months this curfew will intensify and people will face great difficulties as food and medical supplies are exhausted.
President Masood Khan said that the BJP led government under a well-orchestrated plan is hell-bent on transforming the demography in IOK on the same model of West Bank to make it a colony for non-Muslims and non-Kashmiris from all over India.
The President while speaking on India’s warmongering attitude said that the BJP extremist government has openly threatened Pakistan. He said Modi, in February, had publicly announced using nuclear weapons against Pakistan and now their Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has threatened Pakistan with the same. India is indiscriminately killing our citizens along the LoC and has also unleashed a proxy war within the territory of Pakistan.
He said that as India continues to raise tensions in the region and denies talking on any issue with Pakistan, we must be ready for any eventuality, despite the latter’s insistence to resolve all matters including Kashmir through peaceful diplomatic means.
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