People of AJK stand shoulder to shoulder with Pak Armed Forces

Owing to the recent developments along the Line of Control, Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that the downing of two Indian Air Force jets by the Pakistan Air Forces is a reassurance that the people of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir and our sacred homeland is in safe hands.

He made these comments while addressing an urgent press briefing after cutting his visit to Saudi Arabia short amid recent developments in the region.

He said that the people of Azad Kashmir stand shoulder to shoulder with the Armed Forces and are ready to die defending this great homeland.

President Masood Khan said that our forces have given a befitting reply to the Indian forces and have displayed their right to self-defence. He said that this measure has made it evident that the Pakistan Armed Forces are fully capable of protecting the sovereign territory of Pakistan. President Masood said that after intrusion of Pakistan’s airspace by Indian jets on Monday, Indian fighter aircrafts again tried to violate our airspace but they failed miserably in materialising their nefarious designs.

He said that India has unleashed a three-pronged war against Pakistan; firstly, by killing Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir; secondly, targeting civilian population along the Line of Control; and thirdly, by carrying out terrorist activities through its proxies within Pakistan in a bid to destabilise the country.

He said that India does not want Pakistan to prosper and succeed economically. The above measures taken up by India are an attempt to create internal discord and to make Pakistan a weak state. He went on to say that we as a nation are united and are resolute in not allowing India to succeed in executing its evil-plan.

The President warned India, not to misinterpret Pakistan’s peace offer as a weakness but instead, India should act rationally and prioritise regional peace and stability over its jingoistic actions. He added that India must not beat the war drums and instead resolve all issues including the key issue of Kashmir through diplomatic and political means.

The President also called upon the international community, especially the United Nations to step forward and de-fuse rising tensions between the two nuclear countries.

President Masood Khan said that India has been an occupier in Kashmir for the past 71 years and has subjected the Kashmiris to unimaginable atrocities. He said the Indian occupation forces have killed, maimed and blinded thousands of Kashmiris over the years but the Kashmiris and determined to carry forward their legitimate struggle for freedom and self-determination.

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