Kashmiris grateful to Pakistan for raising Kashmir dispute at the UNSC: Masood Khan

Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, on behalf of the people of Jammu and Kashmir thanked Pakistan for raising the Jammu and Kashmir dispute at the United Nations Security Council. “This courageous step has broken a long spell of silence by the Security Council on an issue that has had serious implications for the peace and security of the region”, he said.
The President said that the Security Council met at a time when the Indian Occupied Kashmir has been invaded by Indian troops, the entire region is under siege, and people are being brutalized wrapped in a pall of information blackout. There are apprehensions, he said, that genocide has started after massive deployment of troops and under the cover of communication blockade. He said it is the Security Council’s responsibility to stem further deterioration in IOK which imperils peace and security and which threatens an entire population with ethnic cleansing and colonization.
The AJK President thanked Pakistan for taking the initiative for convening of this meeting of the Security Council despite heavy odds. India, he said, had tried tooth and nail to stop this meeting but Pakistan supported by its friends persevered and the UN Security Council was persuaded to take cognizance of the gruesome situation prevalent in IOK.
In this context, the President conveyed the gratitude of the people Jammu and Kashmir to Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the Foreign Office and Pakistan’s Permanent Mission in New York.
“Pakistan Foreign Minister’s contacts with China and Foreign Office’s meticulous planning made it possible that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is discussed by Council members”, he said.
President Masood Khan said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir stand by Pakistan and would reinforce and support Pakistan’s diplomatic and political initiatives and outreach. The leadership of Azad Kashmir and Hurriyat leaders would also engage with the international community to plead their case and make the world aware of the horrendous situation in the IOK, which is characterized by crimes against humanity with impunity on a daily basis.
He said that we are reassured by the Foreign Office’s statement that this is the beginning of a process in the Security Council and other UN forums like the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council.
The President thanked the professionals of the Foreign Office who had worked day and night to project the voice of the Kashmiris suffering under occupation to the Security Council and through the UNSC to the international community.
“Kashmir has once again been internationalized and the recent developments have raised awareness about the plight of the Kashmiris, the legitimacy of their aspirations to decide their political future and the grave threat unresolved Jammu and Kashmir issue poses to regional and international security”, he said.
The President also thanked the international media for raising its voice in support of the fundamental freedoms and the inalienable rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, including their right to self-determination.
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